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WallPanelPro is a wall design and analysis software that integrates with Truss Design & Estimating (Truss D&E) and Truss Modeling.


  • Draw, label and dimension walls
  • Metric and Imperial Units
  • Design walls quickly
  • View single wall panels, complete floors, and complete buildings with 3D Viewer
  • Layout wall studs
    • Break walls into panels
    • Distribution beam at top of wall
    • User created beam pockets in wall
    • Add wall stud at specific location (include rotation)
    • Mirror Interior Walls (floor to floor)
    • Set initial stud spacing
    • Add door and window openings
    • Label studs, plates, headers, etc.
  • Summarize wall cost and sections
  • Sheer Wall Analysis done with a click of a button
    • Diaphragm analysis, per level
    • Plan layout of shear forces on walls, per level
    • Shear wall analysis report
    • Create alternate X-braced bays, Left-Right, Left-Right, until shear resistance exceeds actual building shear forces.
    • Align X-braced bays, top level to lowest level
    • Option to X-Brace both sides of wall
    • Allow user to Set/Change X-braced Bay
    • X-Brace hold-down connection design
    • Design Type I shear panels (solid wall area) with criteria similar to X-brace design.
    • Create Type II shear panels(perforated wall) until total shear panels along design plane exceed design requirements (single level only)
    • Type II shear panel hold-down connection design
    • Show failed design in red. Also list failed results on 1st page of analysis report.
    • Diaphragm and shear wall deflection calculations
  • Designs Studs + Connections, Bottom and top plates, Headers + Connections, and Bridging: Straps +Blocking Connection
  • Design up to a 6 story building
  • Mirror openings from one level to level
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Break walls into panels
  • Component design
    • Floor Joist/Beams
    • Rafters
    • Columns
    • Headers
    • Review feature (like truss review)
  • Print: Cost reports, Wall components, Shear analysis, Material cut lists, Shop drawings, and Shear Analysis report
  • Typical wall details sheet
    • Exterior wall corner
    • T-Intersection
    • Top or Bottom plate splice
    • Top plate to floor support
    • Roof Truss-Truss Blocking (Roof-Wall Shear distribution)
    • Floor Truss-Truss Blocking (Floor-Wall Shear distribution)
    • Bottom plate to floor support
    • Distribution beam to Top plate
    • Header details
      • Box headers
      • Back-to-back headers
      • L-headers
    • Panel hold-down connection, floor to floor (Simpson CD)
    • Panel hold-down connection, floor to foundation (Simpson CD)
    • X-Brace corner Plate/Strap connection and tensioning
    • X-Brace hold-down connection, floor to floor (Simpson CD)
    • X-Brace hold-down connection, wall to foundation (Simpson CD)
  • Gable walls
  • Door and Window schedules for each building project.
  • Create Interior non-bearing walls
  • Create DXF export file for Wall Plan (walls + labels)
  • Create DXF export file for wall panels
  • Model individual wall (without analysis)

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Available Languages

Our software is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Indoneasian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish