I am a designer, why would I select Truss D&E over other truss software programs?

Truss D&E offers many design options not available in other truss software. Some of the options available with Truss D&E are: o Choice of many different material libraries, i.e. Knudson, Dale/Incor, Dietrich, Unimast, MSMA, MBCI or create your own material library. o Several different design options: In-Plane or Out-of-Plane; Concentric or Offet Webs, Imperial or Metric, ASD or LRFD o Auto design options: Hip Roof generator, Auto Batch design, Piggyback trusses, Optimize member selection o Mutiple support types o Splice truss (up to 3 places) o Bill of Materials, Cut sheets, Shop drawing and details created at the click of a button o Easy to use. No CAD commands to learn and memorize. You can be up and running the same day you receive the software! o Several truss connection options: screws, welds, bolts or rivets o Multiple truss shapes: roof trusses, attic trusses, floor trusses, curved top and/or bottom chords, building frames, and odd shaped user created trusses o Unlimited spans o Up to 21 different building codes with auto wind load generator

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