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" Truss D & E has allowed my company to do a lot more work in a lot less time. I have used the competition’s programs and have found Truss D & E to be the best yet. I am very pleased with their products and would recommend it to any sanctioned individual in this field of business." Phillip Esswein Esswein Engineering Group

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Truss D & E

Truss D & E

Truss Design & Estimating (D&E) is a complete automated solution for truss design. Our software can design trusses with light-gage steel, structural steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. This easy to use program will save you time and money in analysis, design and estimating of metal trusses.

Truss D & E Modeling

Truss D & E Modeling

Truss D&E modeling software is easy to use and has only one main input screen. Design up to 6 floors in a building. Clients' say that what would have taken them 2 days to design in Truss D&E they now do in minutes with Truss D&E Model. There is no CAD experience necessary.

3D Viewer

Truss D & E

3D Viewer allows you to view your building design, trusses and walls in 3D. The 3D program must be used with Truss D&E modeling but is not required. Once the layout is created in the modeling program a simple click of a button will access the model in 3D.



WallPanelPro is a wall design and analysis software that integrates with Truss D&E and Truss Modeling. It is easy to use and learn. WallPanelPro includes Component design of Beams/Joists, Column/Wall Stud, Headers, and Rafters.

Arch D & E

Arch D & E

The Arch Design and Estimating software program helps engineers analyze and design light gauge arch structures fabricated from K-Span, Superspan, Quickspan, Model 600 and Model 900 light gauge panels.

Steel Truss Design Software

Welcome to John F. Butts and Associates (JFBA), makers of the leading Steel Truss Design & Estimating software in the industry. Design and engineer trusses or entire buildings with light gage steel with our steel framing software. 

Attention Truss Engineers and Fabricators

If you are a truss engineer or a contractor that wants to fabricate cold formed steel trusses, or if you are a civil engineer, structural engineer or builder involved in residential, commercial or municipal construction, then you need this software.

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Most Features and Flexibility

Our Truss Design & Estimating software offers more features and flexibility than any truss software on the market. Here are a few of the advantages of Truss Design & Estimating:

  • Save money by creating trusses with nonproprietary sections
  • Increase revenue by developing your own proprietary truss shapes for resale
  • Easy to use - no CAD knowledge required
  • Save enormous amounts of time by using Modeling and WallPanelPro.
  • Use both Metric and Imperial Units
  • Create standard or complex trusses simply, quickly and accurately within minutes. No more fighting software to create some oddball truss shape.
  • Let your imagination run wild! Truss Design & Estimating assists you in reaching your dreams.

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Come discover the software that truss design engineers from around the world have been using since 1992.