• Truss D & E

    A complete automated solution for truss design. This easy-to-use program will save you time and money in analysis, design and estimating of metal trusses. Read More
  • Truss D & E Modeling

    Our modeling software is easy to use and has only one main input screen. Create your design in minutes with Truss D&E Model. There is no CAD experience necessary. Read More
  • 3D Viewer

    Allows you to view your building design, trusses and walls in 3D. Once the layout is created in the modeling program a simple click of a button will access the model in 3D. Read More
  • Wall Panel Pro

    A wall design and analysis software that integrates with Truss D&E and Truss. Includes Component design of Beams/Joists, Column/Wall Stud, Headers, and Rafters. Read More
  • Arch D & E

    This software program helps engineers analyze and design light gauge arch structures fabricated from K-Span, Superspan, Quickspan, Model 600 and Model 900 light gauge panels. Read More
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